We Live In A Digital Age

We are Digital Natives.
When We Look at Color, We See RGB’s
When We See Buildings, We Calculate Polygons, Triangles and Meshes
Wherever We Go, We know where North is and We See Topography Where others See Hills
Others Are Training to Keep Up, We Push Technology to its Limits.


We Deliver 3D Solutions


CTS provides Reality Capture

We help small businesses to multinational firms realize the benefits of verifying, designing and constructing from real & verifiable data. Discover the resource you have in us and improve your Design > Construction > Manage process...Permanently.

Industries We Serve

your success Is our Priority

Customers opting for our BIM services benefit by allowing us to capture equipment as it truly exists before they are hidden behind walls, ceilings, concrete and even underground. With our facility management models, you get the same millimeter accuracy shown, but we go even further and review vendor submittals to add the engineering performance data, specifications, makes and models, of procured equipment to the model.

Some of Our Clients

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